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Pirate Gourmet

pirate signpirate_bob

*all photos courtesy of e.m.marcus | photography

Name of business: Pirate Gourmet
Owner’s Name: R.E. Pride
Email: picketfencesrb[at]ymail[dot]com
Phone: 850-278-6922

Chef Robert Pride has been a chef for 30 years.  For 25 years he owned a gourmet catering company in Manhattan where he worked with a variety of international chefs giving him exposure to exotic cuisines.  He has put his own spin on these recipes and adjusted them to the American palate.  He is now back in his native Pensacola where he has started Pirate Gourmet to share with the people of the Gulf Coast these fascinating and delectable recipes.

chocolate cupcakes chocolate sign cracker candy jar cracker candy

Some of the interesting products are shrimp dip, fire roasted chicken vegetable soup, Lumpia, smoked tuna dip, handmade salsa, and an assortment of heirloom candies and baked goods.  Items change according to the seasonal temperatures and availability of materials.

Moonlight Micro-Farm

cfh portrait

Chandra F. Hartman – owner

*all photos courtesy of e.m.marcus | photography

Name of business: Moonlight Micro-Farm
Owner’s Name: Chandra F. Hartman
Facebook: Moonlight Micro-Farm
Email: chandra[at]moonlightmicrofarm[dot]com
Phone: 850.624.7075

How long have you been in business? I started my residential design business, CFH Design Studio, in 2000 and Moonlight Micro-Farm as a complimentary business in 2008. Moonlight Micro-Farm is all about creating small scale food solutions that protect and enhance our biological resources. We help people grow their own food and create resilience in their lives by sharing knowledge, cultivating skills, and providing the necessary tools. We offer permaculture workshops, residential and ecological design – through CFH Design Studio, heirloom seeds, organic sprouting seeds, and gardening supplies.

How long have you lived in the area and where are you from? I’ve lived in Northwest Florida, both Walton County and Bay County, since 1996. I was born in Quantico, VA and have spent the first half of my life primarily in the DC area. Before moving to Florida, I lived and went to school in Frederick, MD.

How far do you travel for the market? We travel about 40 minutes every Saturday to the market from our home on the East end of Panama City Beach.

seed display copy

Heirloom seeds at the market

What products do you offer?
Moonlight Micro-Farm offers heirloom garden seeds, organic sprouting seeds, sprouting kits, and various gardening sundries.  These products are available online and we also provide consultation and design services through my sister company, CFH Design Studio.

What makes your items special or unique? I have made a commitment to only selling seeds that are open-pollinated, non-genetically modified, non-patented, and not owned by a large corporation like Monsanto or Syngenta. I strongly believe that seeds should be in the public domain, as they have been since the beginning of time. All people should have access to healthy food and the means to grow it. I source locally when possible and grow as much of my own food as I can. All of my sprouting seeds are hand mixed by me, certified organic, and non-GMO as well. I only sell products that I would use myself and feel comfortable with how they are made.

bok choy-2

Extra Dwarf Pak Choy grown from seed

Is there anything new on the horizon? New products, seasonal items or specials? I will be unveiling a new website soon and I am expanding my seed collection; including many that have been grown and harvested locally. I’m working on a new sprout mix and I’d also like to start on another eBook this year, perhaps about Permaculture or edible gardening.


Culinary Sage grown from seed


Heirloom Seed varieties


Crimson & Clover Sprouts

Letter From Ocheesee Creamery About Vitamin A and Your Skim Milk

Dear Valued Customers,

Ocheesee Creamery is dedicated to supplying a high quality, all natural product. Due to a state (FL) regulation, we are no longer able to provide skim milk as one of our products. The regulation requires that Vitamin A be added to skim milk. We feel that adding synthetic Vitamin A to our product goes against our all natural product. The state would fine us and pull our bottling permit if we continued selling skim milk without adding Vitamin A.

To continue offering butter and cream, the price has to be raised to make it cost effective since we now dump all skim milk. Also, we no longer can supply Amavida Coffee & Tea with skim milk for their coffees. If anyone would like to help us change this regulation, you could help by emailing Adam Putnam at

Thank You,

Paul & MaryLou Wesselhoeft

Ocheesee Creamery


More information on the practice of adding Vitamin A to low-fat dairy products:

Reduced-fat milks often have added vitamin A palmitate to compensate for the loss of the vitamin during fat removal; in the United States this results in reduced fat milks having a higher vitamin A content than whole milk.[108]Wikipedia

And From Another Blog…

Milk additives.

Most milk products contain some form of synthetic vitamin A and D. Yes, this is even true for some organic brands. Due to their lower fat content, US law requires most organic low-fat and skim milks to be fortified with additional Vitamin A and D. All conventionally farmed milk products, including whole, low fat, and skim milk varieties, are fortified with Vitamin A and D.

What does this mean to you?

According to Josh Rubin of East West Healing and Performance, many people have an inflammatory response to these synthetic vitamins. Some are very cheap and many come from overseas where the quality standards are much lower than the United States. The FDA reports that less than 20% of these overseas vitamins are actually regulated by their standards. The only milk products I have found that have no Vitamin additives are all raw organic milk products and some pasteurized whole milk products. Just another reason to read your food labels. Source:

My Two Cents in One Sentence:

If we could somehow convince and help more people to eat a variety of whole foods, not processed foods, and care for our ecosystems, we would go a long way toward reducing the need for synthetic vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

Desi’s Authentic New Orleans Recipes

Desiree Nette

Desiree Nette

*all photos courtesy of e.m.marcus | photography

Name of business: Desi’s Authentic New Orleans Recipes

Owner: Desiree Nette

Phone: 504-957-6464

E-mail: hightone[at]cox[dot]net

My name is Desiree Nette. I am from Louisiana,  I have been staying in Florida (Santa Rosa Beach) since the beginning of August, with my brother who has been a Florida resident for several years now. I have been making and selling Authentic Louisiana Dishes, specializing in Seafood Gumbo, and also making classic Red Beans and Rice and Jambalaya. I am just starting out with trying to get a business up and running. I am doing catering right now with the hope of opening a restaurant. I learned to cook from my Mother. My Mother and Father owned a seafood restaurant in Louisiana for 21 years. I think I have something special with my cooking. I never get any negative feedback. People enjoy eating my cooking.


Seaside Farmers Market Holiday Specials

Looking for something local and handcrafted this holiday season? The Seaside Farmers Market vendors will be offering specialty items through Christmas. If you don’t see something here, ask your favorite vendor to put together a few items for gift giving.

Artesano Jewels

Will be providing gift bags and bags for jewelry

Sweet Henrietta’s

Gourmet cakes, pumpkin bars and sweet potato cupcakes available for the holidays

Twin Oaks Farm

Free Gift Wrapping with your purchase

Moonlight Micro-Farm

Gardening and sprouting gift pots and jars

Davis Dog Treats

Kenneth Davis

*all photos courtesy of e.m.marcus | photography

Name of business: Davis Dog Treats

Owner: Kenneth Davis

Phone: 850-835-0323

E-mail: davisdogtreats[at]gmail[dot]com

How long have you been in business?  About four months.  I have been making these treats for my own dogs for a couple of years and this past Summer I decided to see if I could sell them.  It gave me something to do while I was out of school.  The response has been great with a lot of repeat customers.

How long have you lived in the area and where are you from?
I have lived in Bruce all my life.  My Mom is from Virginia, she has been in Florida since 1996.  My Dad was born in Pensacola but has lived in Bruce for over 20 years.

How far do you travel for the market?  We live about 23 miles from Seaside.  It takes about 30 minutes to get here.

What products do you offer?
I bake dog treats in several different flavors – all tried and approved by my own dogs. Sometimes I make cat treats too.

What makes your items special or unique?
The treats I make have no fillers or preservatives – everything is completely edible – you can eat them yourself…I do.

Is there anything new on the horizon? New products, seasonal items or specials?
I am hoping to figure out a special treat for those dogs with allergies to wheat.  Possibly adding more cat treats and even treats for pet birds.  I love to bake so maybe I can add treats for people, too!

The Adams Farm

Nolan Adams

*all photos courtesy of e.m.marcus | photography

Name of business: Adams Farm

Owner: Nolan and Barbara Adams

Phone: 850-834-3881 or 850-951-3660

E-mail: jnolanadams[at]fairpoint[dot]com


How long have you been in business?

We returned to the family farm in 1989. The farm has been owned and operated by my family since 1903 and is a 5th generation farm.

How long have you been in the area and where are you from?

I was born in Walton County. I left in 1968 to teach overseas and came home to take over the family farm in 1989.

How far do you travel for the market?

60 miles, the farm is located in North Walton County.

What products do you sell at the market?

Asian Pears, Asian Persimmons, dried fruit and pecan mix, pear butter, persimmon butter, and fresh kiwi

What makes your items special or unique?

All the fruits and nuts in our products are grown on the farm and we do not use any pesticides.

Is there anything new on the horizon? New products, seasonal items or specials?

We are experimenting with Southern Jewel Muscadine grape that grows in clusters larger than a bing cherry.