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Letter From Ocheesee Creamery About Vitamin A and Your Skim Milk

Dear Valued Customers,

Ocheesee Creamery is dedicated to supplying a high quality, all natural product. Due to a state (FL) regulation, we are no longer able to provide skim milk as one of our products. The regulation requires that Vitamin A be added to skim milk. We feel that adding synthetic Vitamin A to our product goes against our all natural product. The state would fine us and pull our bottling permit if we continued selling skim milk without adding Vitamin A.

To continue offering butter and cream, the price has to be raised to make it cost effective since we now dump all skim milk. Also, we no longer can supply Amavida Coffee & Tea with skim milk for their coffees. If anyone would like to help us change this regulation, you could help by emailing Adam Putnam at

Thank You,

Paul & MaryLou Wesselhoeft

Ocheesee Creamery


More information on the practice of adding Vitamin A to low-fat dairy products:

Reduced-fat milks often have added vitamin A palmitate to compensate for the loss of the vitamin during fat removal; in the United States this results in reduced fat milks having a higher vitamin A content than whole milk.[108]Wikipedia

And From Another Blog…

Milk additives.

Most milk products contain some form of synthetic vitamin A and D. Yes, this is even true for some organic brands. Due to their lower fat content, US law requires most organic low-fat and skim milks to be fortified with additional Vitamin A and D. All conventionally farmed milk products, including whole, low fat, and skim milk varieties, are fortified with Vitamin A and D.

What does this mean to you?

According to Josh Rubin of East West Healing and Performance, many people have an inflammatory response to these synthetic vitamins. Some are very cheap and many come from overseas where the quality standards are much lower than the United States. The FDA reports that less than 20% of these overseas vitamins are actually regulated by their standards. The only milk products I have found that have no Vitamin additives are all raw organic milk products and some pasteurized whole milk products. Just another reason to read your food labels. Source:

My Two Cents in One Sentence:

If we could somehow convince and help more people to eat a variety of whole foods, not processed foods, and care for our ecosystems, we would go a long way toward reducing the need for synthetic vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.


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