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Desi’s Authentic New Orleans Recipes

Desiree Nette

Desiree Nette

*all photos courtesy of e.m.marcus | photography

Name of business: Desi’s Authentic New Orleans Recipes

Owner: Desiree Nette

Phone: 504-957-6464

E-mail: hightone[at]cox[dot]net

My name is Desiree Nette. I am from Louisiana,  I have been staying in Florida (Santa Rosa Beach) since the beginning of August, with my brother who has been a Florida resident for several years now. I have been making and selling Authentic Louisiana Dishes, specializing in Seafood Gumbo, and also making classic Red Beans and Rice and Jambalaya. I am just starting out with trying to get a business up and running. I am doing catering right now with the hope of opening a restaurant. I learned to cook from my Mother. My Mother and Father owned a seafood restaurant in Louisiana for 21 years. I think I have something special with my cooking. I never get any negative feedback. People enjoy eating my cooking.



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