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Cypress Cattle and Produce

Owner : Luke Langford

*all photos courtesy of e.m.marcus | photography

Name of business: Cypress Cattle and Produce Co.
Owner’s Name: Luke Langford
Facebook: Cypress Cattle Co
E-mail: luke[at]cypresscattle[dot]com
Phone: 850.880.6955

How long have you been in business?
My family has farmed since the 1920’s, when I was growing up we were a dairy and beef cattle operation, I started the produce business when I came home from college.

How long have you lived in the area and where are you from?
I grew up on the farm in Ponce de Leon, I now live in Freeport.

How far do you travel for the market?
12 miles from our market, its about 40 miles to the farm.

What products do you offer?
We grow year-round, so we grow all the usual items like squash, melons, sweet corn, cucumbers and peppers during the summer as well as greens, spinach, arugula and broccoli during the winter, plus we grow a few exotics, fresh herbs and we always grow a few acres of pumpkins during the fall.

What makes your items special or unique?
We have a rotational planting schedule that gives us long harvest windows & consistent quality, so if you buy something this week and really enjoy it, we’ll more than likely have it for the next few weeks.

Is there anything new on the horizon?
We’re already site-prepping more greenhouses for this winter. We had two houses of ugly tomatoes last year, we’d like to grow them again, plus put in a pepper and cucumber house. We really enjoyed greenhouse production, and a good tomato in January is hard to find!


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